Story of Sathya


Its 10.25 pm as per my watch and instead of sleeping I am busy doing my DSP problems.Yesterday our Viva timetable were out and I was shocked as our orals were starting from November 3.Now ,I guess I have to open my books else I am going to flunk this sem atleast in one paper.If my books had life ,then I am sure that it would have cried loud.
“Common !! ,this guys having his exams and he hasn’t started his studies…some one save him please,” that would be my books reaction.Jokes apart,I feel strange blogging at this time especially late night.My roll number is 71 and the orals for our batch starts from 65 onwards.Now ,I am confused and nervous coz I have to work hard in order to get good marks.I have been used to such situations before and now I am well accustomed to it.

I am writing this post to let my readers know all the tricks and mnemonics I used when I was in my junior college levels and recent years of Engineering.I bet it would be interesting.Many of you’ll must be knowing it,especially mumbai students.
I was a Bio student and studying human organ is one of the most irritating thing to do in your life.One has to remember names like Islet of Langerhans,Pattela and so on.We had some thing called carpel bones in our 12th class.Its basically the wrist bones which are 8 in numbers.Our Arif sir tried to teach us and help us remember the bones.

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When our sir used to say this statement we all used to ask “Who sir ,who?” πŸ˜›

Now ,here is the details of the above statement.
S – > Scaphoid
L -> Lunate
T -> Triquetrum
P -> Pisiform
T -> Trapezium
T -> Trapezoid
C ->Capitate
H -> Hamate

Isn’t that amazing!!
Now lets switch to Physics and Electronics.
So every one must be knowing Ohms law.I should say that we had to scrubb our asses hard to remember the statement as we were just 14 then.
here is the formula of Ohm’s Law.


v= voltage,R =resistance,I = electric current

My way of remembering this was . “We are Indians(VRI)

Every one must be aware of Mendeleefs periodic table .. I mean Modern periodic table.
The 7A group is called the group of Halides.The simplest way of remembering the compounds of the 7A group is

For Classes Bring ID
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Its as simple as remembering Fluorine,Chlorine ,Bromine and Iodine.
Now lets see what I have in Network Systems.

Our sir taught us the easiest way to remember all network layers of the OSO model.

It was Please

Please Do Not Trust (Travelling) Sales Person Always

Its for Physical Layer,Datalink layer,network layer,transport layer,session layer,presentation layer and application layer.I hope that was a good mnemonic ..

I had some different method to remember register color codes.

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It is used to represent different colors in a register and values are given according to the color positions.The different colors are blue,black,green,red,white,orange and so on

I also had ways to remember values of PI, root of 2 and root of 3

root of 2 = ek ka char ,ek ka char (1.4141)
root of 3 = ek saath teen ne do ko mara (1.732).

I some how feel that ,lazy people do such things to remember formulae’s and codes.I found it useful as well.But this doesn’t means that I am lazy.

I am feeling sleepy right now, please some one get me a cup of coffee, please :p

Story of Sathya

So,what mnemonics do you used when you were studying?

PS: Campus Files 3 will be updated soon, guess what the idea was :p

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