Story of Sathya

Lazy people..

Sometimes I wonder how lazy people are. Yeah that’s true, I have seen many people who are lazy. Well, I feel that I am the right person to talk about laziness. One should know that Lazy people tend to work less and they very often look forward for shortcuts.Ok, enough of laziness, now I wish to talk about the same but in some different perspective.

Lazy while going to college.

Lazy people always get up late. How late? One should better ask them. Usually I get up at 7:30 am in the morning during my college days and 11:30 am during holidays. My College starts at 9:15 am and I get up at 7:30 am. Finally I leave home at 8 am. I wait at the bus stop for around 30 minute’s .At last I reach my college at 10 am. Well, sometimes it is embarrassing to enter the class 45 minutes late. Some times I have to take risk at my own expense and very often I search for classmates so that we all enter the class at the same time.

Lazy during Examinations.

I always used to score well during my school days. Friends often ask me about tips for getting good marks. To be honest ,I don’t check my answers again and I am least bothered .If the examiner is too lenient and generous then give marks else I don’t expect marks.But any how I get marks .Thanks to Almighty. If it wasn’t Gods grace then I would have flunked in at least one paper in all my Engineering Sem Exams. And I haven’t flunked till now and I don’t hope so as getting KTs is easy ,but to compensate the failure is really bad.

Lazy while playing cricket.

Here it goes. I really like to talk about my sportsmanship and yeah I feel that I should talk about the way I play every game. I was known as master blaster (I mean not Sachin J) ,in fact I really hate running between wickets. I am very lazy you see. But people often compare me to Virendra Sehwag as we both play the same way .He likes playing big shots ,but he even likes taking runs .On the other hand I work well when I am not running.

Lazy while online.

I really hate coming online. But, once I come online I hate getting up and doing some other works. I start my pc hoping that I will be online for 30 minutes and finally end up with 1 hr.

I also believe that there are many lazy people like me. There are no bounds for laziness. I know a friend who gets up at 1 am everyday and takes his breakfast at 2 pm and lunch at 4 pm.Sounds weird ehh!

So tell me are you lazy? Tell me one incident which clearly depicts your laziness

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