Belgium Indian Embassy

Belgium Indian Embassy Officials not helping overseas Citizen who approached for Passport Renewal

Our Indian government is often known for its benevolent act of helping overseas Indian citizens in distress. Our late Sushma Swaraj ma’am is known for her kindness and the government has been following her footsteps since then. But now due to the officials should be proactively helping its countrymen when they are in trouble.

Belgium Indian Embassy narrates a different story. A young IT professional working in Belgium had applied for a new passport at the Indian Embassy in Belgium before the COVID-19 lockdown phase. It seems that after the lockdown was imposed, the online link from the embassy website was removed. It introduced some difficulty for Miss Nayak who hails from Mumbai, India.

It also seems that Miss Nayak was treated rudely at the Embassy driving the attention of the other international bystanders watching the embassy officials not helping her. She took this to Facebook and Twitter but as of now, she has not received any response from any of the officials from the Ministry of External Affairs.

By far, under the governance of PM Modi ji, our country is doing great and moments like this often hurt the achievements of this government and our officials should cooperate and help the distressed overseas citizens.

Belgium Indian Embassy

I just hope Miss Nayak gets her passport back. I hope the government helps her with everything. Jai Hind.

Check the below YouTube video that talks about some tips for India to tackle the Chinese might.

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