Story of Sathya

Sharma Ji ki Beti -2

Continued from Sharma Ji ki Beti 1. Read here 
Story of Sathya
It was a Balmy Friday afternoon.  Bunty and friends came out of the Exam hall. It was their Class 10 Semester Exams. Bunty was highly confident that he would pass the Mathematics exam with flying colours.  While Bunty was reminiscing his not so glorious past encounters with his Papa, his friends were busy discussing the Question Papers. That was when Bunty overheard the Q. 3 A Answer.
“Dude, is the answer 45.9 degrees?” Bunty confirmed the answer with one of his friend in the group.
“No, Bunty!” he riposted. “It is 60. I hope you calculated Tan value for it,”he added.
“I messed it up,” Bunty said, his face visibly upset.
“And for Q.1 D? Tell me Suresh had 29 balls?” Bunty asked his group.
“Naa, Suresh had 2 balls,” One of the guy said and it was a laughter riot.
“Bunty,  he had 47 balls,” The same friend replied and continued, “It’s a basic probability formula.”
Bunty believed that those two were relatively the most easiest Questions that was ever asked. He was sure that he would be scoring full marks for those particular questions. But still, none of his answers was close to what his friends said.  His confidence was now  dimming just like the sinking evening sun. Before discussing the question paper, he summed up his attempted questions and it came out to be around 60. But after discussing , his attempted questions summed out to be around 27.
“All I could manage is  just fucking 27.” He slapped his forehead.
He thoroughly went through the question paper and mentally added few points for steps and got his imaginary score to 35.
“35. That’s what I need. Else I am going to die at my Home. ” He said to himself.
Weeks passed and various types of rumours made rounds in the class. One of the guys informed the class that 95 % of the class has failed in Mathematics.  While the other news making round was that Sharma was the only girl in the class to pass and that too a mere “Just Pass”
Bunty was getting anxious day by day. With each passing day, he spent sleepless nights at home.  Those days he sincerely prayed to Lord Shiva and turned more religious. His Parents were shocked. He just wanted 35 marks and nothing more or nothing less than that.
Two weeks later, the Teacher ceremoniously walked inside the classroom. Placing the answer sheet on the desk, she quickly scanned the entire classroom. She asked the Class Prefect to distribute the Answer sheets.
“Rajeev 12 marks ” he announced and an extremely embarrassed Rajeev came to collect the mark sheet.
“Anamika 18 marks “
“Mangu 8 marks “
“Raghav 23 marks “
“Shalini 24 marks” The Prefect announced. A pair of bemused eyes looked at each other, perplexed. They couldn’t believe their ears when the class Perfect announced her marks. Tears streamed down her cheeks copiously.
“It is impossible,” she uttered  and like a crazy woman, she started counting her marks meticulously.
“Bunty 32 marks, the class topper” Bunty’s heart almost stopped beating when the Class Prefect announced his marks.
“Congratulations Bunty, you get some consolation,” the teacher said and laughed.
That day he felt cheated. He religiously visited every Temple, Church , Mosque and Gurudwara in his neighbourhood just for 35 marks. He felt that even the Gods didn’t want him to pass. His mind was etching a concrete plan to confront Papa. But that day Papa had come home early.
Bunty quickly rushed inside his room and changed his clothes. He, like an obedient pupil, started solving Mathematics problems. Papa stormed into his room. His Maa followed him inside.
“Is it raining outside?”Papa jokingly asked to which his wife replied, “Naa Jii.”
“Your Son has a book on his hands…It has to rain,” He continued and laughed.
Papa sat next to Bunty and had a sip of chai. He cleared his throat and asked him,” SO how are studies, beta?”
“Papa, I got to know my marks today.” Bunty murmured.
“But before I say my marks, I got to give a news to you,” he added.
“What is the news? Did you Pass or what?” Papa asked.
“Sharma Ji ki Beti fail ho gayi, Papa,” Bunty said.
“Achha beta,” Papa riposted.
“She only got 24 marks,” Bunty said and smiled.
“I can’t believe. ” Papa replied.
“So how does it matters to me?” Papa took a sip of chai and continued, “As if I really care about Sharma Ji ki beti.”
Papa was a big time hypocrite, Bunty thought. He was unpredictable that day. Bunty realised that Papa was in a good mood.
“How much marks did you get, Bunty?” Papa asked curiously.
“Papa I topped,” Bunty said to which Papa patted his shoulder and appreciated him. His Maa joined her hands and thanked Almighty.
“How much marks?” Papa asked.
“32,” Bunty replied. There was deafening silence for a moment.  Papa looked at Maa and asked, “100 ka passing marks Kitna hai?”
“Ji 35,” Maa replied to her husband.
Even she realized that even the Gods won’t be able to save her son from getting beaten.
“So you managed to top the paper and still failed the exam, right, Bunty?” Papa asked.
“Ohh yeaahhhhhhh…Pa Paaa Paaaaa PaaaaaaaaPa,” Bunty replied.


Bunty fell down from the bed. It felt like as if an earthquake of  Richter 7.5 had struck him hard. “
He lay down and helplessly looked at his Maa. Papa glared at him. Bunty’s Maa joined her hands and asked him to forgive Bunty.
“I’m waiting for the day when Bunty would Pass.” Papa said to Maa and continued, “That day is never going to come…” He soon left his room.
He lost all his faith in Bunty. Maa helped Bunty to stand up and asked him,” Why had you lied that you topped the class?”
“Maa, trust me, I really topped the class..” he replied.
“And still failed ?” Maa asked, bewildered.
..To be Continued..
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