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Kashmiri Dolls – Short Film Review

Tom Thomas has never ceased to amaze me and this time his new Malayalam Short movie seems ambitious. It has got a good blend of suspese, thriller, humour  and Tom has played an anchor role in this short film. The film opens to the scene where Mathukutty, a key ingredient in a drama crew wakes up following a dream. His roomie Jojo, also a part of his drama crew expresses his displeasure because of Mathukutty’s lackadaisical attitude. He is never serious most of the time when Jojo talks about the drama. Cyriac and Gouri, couples, also a part of this drama crew had to be trained vigorously by Jojo as they were new. Jojo tries  his best to assemble his crew and get the most of them. But aforementioned Mathukutty’s carelessness annoys Jojo to some extent but he takes it easily. Ammu is the little daughter of Cyriac and Gouri. All hell breaks loose when Ammu calls for Papa one day and shows her doll to him. One leg of the doll called as ‘Kashmiri Doll’ is torn.  Doting Papa Cyriac asks his beloved daughter to say the truth if it was her who did it deliberately to make fun of mom and dad.  But she blatantly refuses.  Mathukutty also present at that time starts investigating the matter like an Agent.  According to Mathukutty, Kashmiri dolls are signs of bad omen! It was Ammu’s uncle Tony who once brought the Kashmiri dolls from a local market  at a discount of buy 2 get 2 free. One after the another , the dolls get severed leading to utter confusion at home. Seena, who is Cyriac’s younger sister  and also Tony’s sibling plays an important role in this short film. These ancillary characters have  helped in building the suspense element. Mathukutty, played by Tom Thomas does a Dr. Saravana of Chandramukhi or rather  does a Sherlock Holmes, in order to unviel the hidden mystery. All eyes roll around Seena, Tony, Gouri, Cyriac and even Jojo on who was the culprit  after Mathukutty shares his findings with his crew. He winds up his investigation by  exposing the culprits who were also a part of that very family. The movie ends with the characters introspecting over their mistakes. Pin pointing and blame game comes into picture too! But later the cuprits realize their mistakes. Tom has done an incredible job as a movie maker.  I some how fail to understand the logic behind Kashmiri Dolls being a bad omen. And then everyone starts talking about knowing something about Kashmiri dolls. That didn’t crack me up!  The suspense could have been better especially  at the scene where Mathukutty plans to reveal his investigation findings. The actors could have shown a little bit of seriousness especially in that scene as a viewer I could very well realize the importance of that scene. I was a bit disappointed here. The actors  had done justice to their roles. They performed it well especially Cyriac seemed to me like a professional actor. There is a thin line between amateur acting and mature acting. Even Jojo played by Sreyas Narayan’s acting seemed natural to me. Tom’s earlier short film Password was theme wise natural and execution wise dramatic. But the brain behind Kashmiri dolls states that  this film was theme wise dramatic and execution wise natural. No doubt the theme is fresh and new, but I expected a little more after watching his previous film PASSWORD! 

In a casual  tete-a-tete with Tom on Whatsapp, he revealed some insights about the team that worked in Kashmiri Dolls. It seemed that most of the actors in this film were new and Tom had a great opportunity to train and guide them. Isn’t that amazing to be a mentor to the actors?

I would still give a 3 star rating to the Kashmiri Dolls. 3 refers to ‘Interesting and could have been better’
Watch this or the Dolls will come in your dreams to haunt you 😉 

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Watch the movie here. Just in case if you are a non Malayali like me then you may like to turn on the English subtitles for the same. It’s available in this video!

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