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Rendezvous with the sunshine girl!

Disclaimer – Rendezvous with the sunshine girl! is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and locations mentioned here are fictitious!Β 

This is my entry for the Lakme Diva Contest, powered by:Β

The awesomeness of the sea and the prolonged beauty of the blue sky were something everyone craved. The indefinite length of the sea mesmerized me. The blue color of the sea equally complimented the blue color of the sky. The entire scene looked to me like a painting drawn by Pablo Picasso. It was not the right time to tramp around the beach. Like an obedient school kid, the Sun remained firm and smiled at the clear sea, which got outrageous. The Ocean capped by the white wave moved forward and receded as I went near it.

The unpleasant smell of the saltwater was not soothing. I roamed there for 30 minutes as I saw the heat’s intensity rising to an extreme level. The seagulls ceased to entertain, and they flew back home. A warm breeze brisked my hair as I stood there with my feet firmly planted on the sand.

sunshine girl

The atrocity of the Sun turned violent as he kissed my bare top. I wore polka-dotted shorts as I flaunted my hairy chest to the beautiful damsels having fun at the beach. I moved closer to the sea, which welcomed me by kissing my feet with the salty waters. I looked behind and gestured at my wife, who rested on a chair.

She wore a heavily embroidered Punjabi suit, a perfect N0-NO for a beach. We were a newly wedded couple, and we were in Goa for our honeymoon.

“Anushka. Aaa…AAAA, “I screamed at the top of my voice. I directed my hands towards her as I uttered her name once again, “Anushkaaa…,”  

She looked at me and gave me a perfect smile like a new bride. She was an ideal Punjabi girl, air and gorgeous.

“Come Over,” I screamed. A fair distance separated us. “Nooo,” She nodded her head in response.

I soon rushed towards her as I wanted her to join me. “What wrong, Anushka?” I asked with some shade of seriousness.

“You go, Na…I will watch you,” She smiled like a school-going girl.

“That’s unfair..,” I told her. My dalliance with her had just begun. Two unknown strangers weeks ago merged together in the Ocean of life.

“Look ..,” She motionlessly pointed her fingers towards the sky and grimaced. 

“Yes, I understand that. But we have to leave Goa today. So we are here to enjoy, “I smiled at her as I caressed her hair.

“Okay fine… Let’s go then,” 

 She smiled and continued, “Before that, I didn’t like you showing your body. Can you please wear a Shirt?” She asked me like an innocent student.

“Well..It’s fine..Look at the Sun,” I laughed. “Okay then…you won’t listen,” She grimaced, and we walked towards the shore.

“Sun has no mercy upon us. It’s scorching heat,” Anushka said with a straight face. 

“I don’t like other girls ogling at you. Please wear a shirt,” She requested. 

“Oh common, please spare me, “I said.

“I hate you. You can never listen to me, na,” She almost cried. I put my hands over her shoulder as we walked. We sat on the grainy tepid sand.” Look, Anushka, we are destined to be together. Such small things shouldn’t bother you,” I looked into her eyes. She didn’t seem to get convinced.

“Okay…I will wear my shirt, but after some time,” I said, which invoked a smile on her face. “Let’s go. It’s too hot here,” She felt queasy and discomfort. 

“What’s the hurry, sweetheart?” I said.

“No, please understand,” She said. “Okay,” I said. Then, my eyes spotted a brunette with a slender body. Her body was perfectly figured with well a graceful face and long hair. 

“Isn’t she Kyra?” I asked my wife.

“Who, Kyra?” she raised her eyes.

“Kyra, the supermodel and the sunshine girl of Lakme,” 

“No, dear. I don’t know,” She smiled. We both moved to greet her. She lay on a beach chair. She wore a yellow colored dress with a brown belt. She had a perfect body, attractive. She plugged her headphones into her ears as she listened to music from her iPod. I was highly disappointed as I could not see her eyes. Ray-Ban shades covered her eyes.

“Vicky, she is so pretty,” Anushka muttered. 

“Hello, Aren’t you Kyra, the supermodel? ” I said to her. She lay still on the beach chair for a few minutes. We were anticipating a reply from her.

“Excuse me,” She finally replied. She removed the headphones from her ears and the sunglass. I was amazed to look at those beautiful eyes. A perfectly fish-shaped brown eyes. It was enticing. The brown eyes seemed to me like a world full of happiness. She had an eyebrow that was furrowed and perfectly shaped. She didn’t wear any make-up but yet she was beautiful. 

“Hi …Kyra, “I said as my wife stood beside me.

“Yes… I am Kyra,” She smiled at us.

“Wow…I am talking to the supermodel. Wow…I am so excited,” I said to her as Anushka looked at me.

“Oh, thanks …I never knew I had wonderful fans like you in India,” 

“Can you please tell us more about you? We only know you as a supermodel,” I said to her.

“Well, I am a fun-loving girl, outgoing, and I love traveling,” Kyra said.

“Why are you in India?” My wife asked her.

“I am here for the Lakme India fashion week and for some brand promotions,” 

“You are magnificent. Do you go to beauty parlors quite often?” Anushka said to Kyra. 

“Oh, thanks. No, not quite often. And you are a pretty Indian,” She smiled at my wife, which delighted me.

“Why don’t you two sit? Would you like something to drink? “She offered us a drink.

“Thank you so much, Kyra…such a wonderful person you are,” We sat on the beach chair next to her.

“What do you do to protect yourself from this heat? The heat excruciates daily and hurts the skin,” Anushka asked Kyra.

“First, tell me, what do you do to beat the heat?” She questioned Anushka.

“Drink lots of water; wear hats, sunscreens, and sunglasses,” 

“Yes, that’s right. Even I do the same, just that you have to be extra cautious. Even exposing your body to sunlight for 5 min can damage your skin cells which can cause tremendous changes to your skin,” Kyra said.

“Changes as in like what,” Anushka and I said in unison.

“Changes like they can cause freckles on your skin, sunspots, sunburns, reddening of skins and blisters due to exposure to the sun….,” 

She paused and said, “You might know that Sunlight emits UV rays which are dangerous as they can affect the critical areas of your skin which is responsible for your healthy skin.” 

“People these days are smitten by this tanning thing. But they fail to know that tanning causes the breaking of the elastic tissues of the skin, which in turn makes it dry and weak. So I personally don’t support tanning,” She continued.

“What about the sunscreens? Which one do I choose?” My wife curiously asked her.

“Well, it is up to you. First, make sure that your sunscreen offers complete protection to the skin against the Sun,” Kyra said as she took a sip of a cold drink.

“How come you look so young, Kyra?” I asked.

“What? How come??. Mr, I am Young,” She laughed.

“So …which sunscreen do you use? Please tell me, Kyra,” Anushka pestered her.

“Oh no …I tell you, everyone has their own tastes,” She smiled.

“I am just curious. I want to look like you. Don’t you know curiosity kills a cat?” Anushka requested her.

“Don’t be. Curiosity kills a why should we be concerned about the cat, honey,” She joked, and there was a laughter riot.

“Look, Sweety might sound rude, but I am not. Wear a Cap, drink lots of water, Wear sunglasses, apply sunscreen to protect from the heat, and enjoy the summer. So simple, isn’t it? “ Kyra said.

“But what sunscreen? . You didn’t tell me yet,” Anushka didn’t hesitate to ask her about her sunscreen.

“I use Lakme Sun Expert as it offers good sun protection, and I love it,” She said and gifted Anushka with her Lakme Sunscreen lotion on her bag.

“Wow..,” I smiled, and we both thanked her. “Between, I am sorry. I don’t know your names,” Kyra said.

“I am Vicky Arora, and she is my wife Anushka,” We shooked hands with Kyra.

“Nice meeting you, Vicky and Anushka,” Kyra smiled at us and signed an autograph for us.

“Vicky and Anushka, do you guys play volleyball?” 

 “But why?” I asked her.

“My friends are playing volleyball nearby and need 3 players to form their team. So I thought we could join his team,” She said.

“Yes, we know,” I said. My wife held my hand and stared at me as if she didn’t know to play the game.

“That’s okay, I will teach you,” I whispered into her ears.

“Follow me, guys,” Kyra said, and we followed her like an obedient students.

“Jiii…I want Lakme Sunscreen Expert today itself,” Anushka ordered.

“I don’t have the wallet now. But I will buy you one,” I said.

“You can never listen to me na Vicky Ji,” She said.

“Pakka … I will buy you one, and by the way, Kyra gifted you one,” I grinned. 

We were following Kyra from behind. Kyra turned back, looked at us, and said.

“You know what?” 

“What …,” we said in unison. 

“I love men with a hairy chest,” She winked and moved ahead. My wife glared at me. Her glare almost killed me. Nevertheless, I manage to give her a fake smile.

“That’s why I told you to wear your shirt, but you never listen to me,” She was clearly upset. 

“And yeah, I just joked, guys,” Kyra turned back and said to which we laughed. It was an excellent meeting with the sunshine girl.

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