Story of Sathya

Buddy one more time & you will be Squeezed!

Its been long since I last saw you.You have always dreamn’t and pledged to harass  and torture me. You suck the blood out of me and everyday you never cease to  test my patience. Every night when I yearn to compensate for my lost sleep ,you meet me. I wish to sleep peacefully ,but you have never let me. Today I have a desire that needs to be fulfilled by you. I warn you and this perhaps would be the last warning for you. I will break you into peices. Trust me ,I have excelled this art of breaking people’s heart. Its not been since long when I made someone cry and you better count your days.May be  you always wait for me everyday to sleep on my bed so that you could play with me while I was asleep. Now this is the last warning and I will do it.

Buddy one more time and you will be squeezed . You bloody bed bug. So finally I have got time to get rid of these insects. So tommorow it will be a Jallianwala baug massacre on my bed for these little bed bugs which gorges on my blood.

Story of Sathya

Wish me luck guys. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I plan to do an Hitler act to these Bugs tommorow..

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