Story of Sathya


There was pain. Pain that felt no numbness. Eating away in the back of my mind.

“Let go.” She screamed.

And with it he released his grasp. Her fingers fluttered in the wind as she fell. Drifting slowly to the abyss below. And he wondered, as her crimson locks tangled with the wind, where would she go?

“Don’t leave me.” He cried out in a damaged breath.

But there was no girl to hear him. And no cries to be carried into the darkness. He still saw her falling, the winter crisp, running the inches of her body as she left him. But she was no longer there.

He stepped to the edge, sending pebbles flying. Tracing patterns of the sky where her body had descended. The ice drenched earth crackled at the force of his step, and the hollow of the canyon hummed deeply with the echo. He sucked through his lips, air that drank life. Air that stunk of death. His eyes fell shut.

And he released his body to the canyon below.

~ Eva at Screaming Whispers and Random Thoughts

***Thank you for letting me share a piece of myself on your blog Ste. You are an amazing writer.

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