Story of Sathya

Nipped in the Bud….

Story of Sathya
Little Amy had a dream.
To excel in every stream.
A day in her life shatteringly dark.
left her wounded,bereft of her innocent luck.
She weeps with reminiscences
Submerged in a life time of painful reminders.
A dark cloud puts her to shame.
Seeing her innocent face,
the emotions wails like a silent dirge
Ruined by a monster at an early age,
she is locked in a pain filled cage.
Poor Amy left filled with loathings
She never speaks nor she smiles.
Calm down Amy ,is what all say.
The huge monster ,
a familiar face,ravished her puritan self.
shredded her virtue with a cruel dagger.
A word of comfort is what she seeks,
But there’s no one to soothe her meek pleas.
Poor Amy, cries and weeps thinking ,
of what she would do in the face of adversity.
Shame and fear sealed her resolve.
reminding her of the unholy violence.
She wanted to remain away from these thoughts.
She recalls the horrifying crusade against her,
If only she could have done something to erase the hurt
Fear kept her frozen to the spot.
She became weak and even feeble.
She recalled the little girl that she used to be.
She curses her fate that lead her to vain.
which included tortures and pain.
Poor Amy, cries and weeps thinking ,
of what she would do.
Her dreams are gone,
She needs a helping hand.
Atlast, she is a solitary soul,
Shattered and left alone without any dreams to galore…..

Important Message:
Little Amy was just 8 years old when she was ravished by a person whom she knew very well. Unlike Other kids,even Amy had a dream ,a dream to excel and suceed in life.This tragic incident in her life had derailed her path to her success and shattered her dreams.Lets help Amy,there are many Amy’s in this shadow of darkness who are the core victim of child abuse.Lets protect other Amy’s all over the world.If we don’t do it now,then its too late to do it.So,lets protect each and every Amy and other children’s like Amy who are the victims of child abuse and lets help them so that they may attain a successful life…..

This is a poem dedicated to all people so as to create awareness against child abuse and protect children from getting abused…

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